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On the Street | Social Impact Studios

On the Street

  • Banner with pigs and tomatoes
  • Chalkboard with cheese wheel, pig and tomatoes
  • Banners with NJ State, Speech bubble made from ginko leaves in the shape of a brain
  • People smiling in front of banners
  • Man speaking in group with microphone
  • Man speaking on stage by projected image of Arts Ed Now logo
  • Banner held up at outdoor rally
  • Biking family with buy local philly t-shirt
  • Man holding glass of beer with Fair Food logo
  • photo of "Buy Fresh Buy Local" Shenandoah Valley poster with farm, fruits and vegetables displayed in a local shop window
  • photo of person holding a reusable shopping bag with "Fair Food Farmstand" logo with pig and tomatoes
  • kids giving thumbs up outside ACT II Playhouse's "Murray The Elf"
  • sticker of "The Craft School Experience" mark
  • photo of poster on the street for Art in the Open Air. Featuring a large 1, a, i and o.
  • photo taken from "The Daily Show" with logo of Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (illustration of 3 people climbing the summit of a mountain) behind interviewer and Adam Fox from CCHI
  • photo of Achieving Independence Center logo (silhouette of 4 students) outside the building at their center
  • sideview photo of a hybrid car wrap for Buy Fresh Buy Local featuring large realistic illustrations of fruits and vegetables
  • photo of logo for Buy Local Philly (Circle with rays and text in the center) in neighborhood house window
  • protesters from Mothers for Clean and Safe Vehicles marching in street holding banner "Don't Be Fueled" with logo of a hybrid car atop the earth.
  • photo of 4 people speaking with each other in front of a banner that says "Arizona PIRG"
  • photo of a banner for "FONKOZE Working Together for a Better Life in Haiti"
  • 3 photos featuring farmstands with produce and Buy Fresh Buy Local signs, tent banners and lampost banners (all having realistically illustrated fruits, vegetable and flowers
  • lampost banner hanging outside on street behind route 506 west sign. Featuring a man in his Eat. Play. Live...Better in Montclair t-shirt
  • lampost banner hanging outside on street featuring 2 older ladies walking in their Eat. Play. Live...Better in Montclair t-shirts
  • Banner hanging from traffic signal post that says "Eat. Play. Live...Better in Montclair" Cars,street and crosswalk in background
  • Fair Food Farmstand logo with pig and tomatoes in window behind outdoor table and chairs
  • bus ad with image of polar bear saying "It's time to turn down the heat" for World Wildlife Federation stop global warming campaign. There is also a photo of the ad on the rear end of a Washington, DC bus.
  • photo of farmer Jim Hyland with wife and three boys in front of their barn holding large basket of fresh produce and wearing t-shirts with Winter Sun Farms Logo
  • photo of marching protesters with fists in air carrying a sign saying "Campus Green Vote" Center for Environmental Citizenship.
  • image of a Pennsylvania License Plate with Pink Ribbon Logo for the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition
  • still photo from Spike Lee's movie "She Hate Me" with poster of Action AIDS in the background between two actors
  • photo of bus shelter poster with street view of Posters for the People Expo Festival. Featuring WPA poster image of two farmers shaking hands
  • photo taken from Fox29 News report with kids from Philadelphia Student Union doing a press conference beside infographics about zero tolerance
  • "Buy Fresh Buy Local" mural with large tomatoes and basil painted on the side of a barn
  • photo of "For My Philly Home" bus ad taken inside a passenger bus. With a blowup of the ad featuring a piggy bank with a hard hat
  • photo of sign on side of brick building that has United Communities logo with interwoven threads
  • sign for "Sustainable Jersey certifiesd" located on a city established marker outdoors in front of trees

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