Ennis Carter is the founding director of Social Impact, based in Philadelphia, PA.

Ennis began her career as a community organizer in New Jersey in the late 1980s, after studying Philosophy at New York University. Following a decade in the non-profit field, she started Design for Social Impact in Philadelphia in 1996 as a social enterprise to promote good causes through the creative combination of communications and grassroots organizing.

Ennis specializes in movement-building through community engagement, strategic action planning, creative design & messaging, and campaign management. 

Ennis is also the curator & author of Posters for the People: Art of the WPA, designer & artist of the “How We Fish” mural in Philadelphia, and was named one of โ€œ50 Best Women in Businessโ€ by Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

Ennis inadvertently photobombs every group selfie she’s in.

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