Making the world a better place takes clarity. To be successful, communities and campaigns must rely on sound strategy and well-designed plans to keep everything on track. It’s a lot to juggle.

We see how inspired vision can become reality. We’ve helped scores of groups develop Creative Action Plans that stay focused on goals while deeply engaging people along the way. These are practical skills we’ve learned from more than 30 years in grassroots outreach. But what makes these efforts really work, is the passion, creativity, and drive we have to see dedicated people succeed.

Read on to see how “designing for social impact” provided the foundation for real and lasting social impact.

Racism Must End

Social Impact – through all of its programs – is committing here and now to prioritizing anti-racism in our work, operations and use of resources.

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What’s to Celebrate?

Encouraging everyone to celebrate something that taps into their authentic voice – whether it’s from an organization or as individuals (or both!). We may never have a time like this to celebrate so genuinely again. 

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