BONUS: The Now 25


Developing deeper and more meaningful relationships takes dedicated intention and focus. The Now 25 is a way to build engagement in a manageable way over time.

Join us for this BONUS workshop to learn the ins and outs of using this advanced, but accessible feature of Public Image Works method.

Thursday, Feb 29, 2024
10am – 11am ET on Zoom

If you already signed up for The Public Image Workshop for 2024, this bonus workshop is free. Check your e-mail for a special code before you register!



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Public Image Works is a method that helps good people
promote their great work!

“The Now 25” is an advanced part of the method to help people deepen relationships through a specific practice. During this BONUS workshop, we will cover:

  • Charting “Connection Circles” of people who are deeply engaged to those you think should know about your work, but don’t yet.
  • Identifying specific people who can connect and act on your current priorities and long term goals.
  • Managing consistent connections.

Learn more about the full method The Public Image Workshop here.


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