The Public Image Workshop


The Public Image Workshop is an 8-Week repeating series that teaches the Public Image Works method that helps good people promote their great work. From “Action Plan Clarity” to developing “Your Public Image Plan,” The Public Image Workshop walks through everything you need to manage your communications and publicity.

Each workshop includes theory, tools, and hands-on practice.

Thursdays 10am ET on Zoom
10am – 10:45am

Recordings sent via e-mail within 48 hours

Includes optional post-workshop Study Hall with support each week



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Public Image Works is a method that helps good people
promote their great work!

Let’s face it… communications and “branding & marketing” can feel daunting – or icky – or both (yeah, definitely both!).

​But, what about sharing your true identity? Telling a cool story? Honestly engaging people through your passionate ideas and creative work? Sounds better, right? The good news is that it IS better. All of those authentic approaches have been proven to be a much better way to “promote” after all. Win/Win!

​It’s not what you’ve been told, so you may not feel comfortable creating and sharing your genuine Public Image. You don’t have to be something you’re not or sacrifice your values just to promote your work.

You can learn the method in our 8-week Workshop series, then get support to keep using it to amplify your great work, week after week.

Together we can help you take the guesswork out of communications and make it less daunting (and/or icky :-).

Here’s how it works:

  • The Public Image Works method is covered in a series of 8 workshops (45 min each). See the topics & schedule below.
  • You can go through it in order or jump into any workshop in the series at any time.
  • We offer the series every 2 months from Jan – Oct. You can participate as many times as you want in the same year.
  • Workshops are recorded and you can access them at any time – but they are much better live!
  • You’ll have access to the tools we share with you forever. Right now, tools are in Google Doc form, but we are developing an app that you’ll have access to when it goes live.
  • Social Impact Studios hosts a weekly communication support space called the “Hub Bub” on Zoom on Wed @10am ET. It’s free and we cover a lot of topics that relate to Public Image Works. Join anytime! (if you sign up for Public Image Works, we’ll add you to the e-mail reminder list for this weekly offering)

Public Image Workshop Series Schedule 2024

The workshop series repeats every 2 months starting on the first Thursday (except in July, which will start on the 11th). 

50-minute workshop offered on Zoom at: 10am ET

Recordings sent via e-mail within 48 hours

2024 Series #1 – Example flow for all series

  1. Action Plan Clarity
  2. Authentic Identity 1 – Internal Understanding & Core Elements
  3. Authentic Identity 2 – External Experience & Audience Mapping
  4. Identity Resources 1 – Messaging for your Identity
  5. Identity Resources 2 – Visual & Experiential Identity
  6. Publicity 1 – Regular, Ongoing Communications & Relationships
  7. Publicity 2 – Events, Programs, & Themetic Opportunities
  8. Your Public Image Plan


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